•  EMAIL: yogaworldfestival@yahoo.com
  •  PHONE: +91-8056138661,+91-9941220755
  •  ADDRESS: 42 / 49, Raja Street, Padi, Chennai-600050.


Yoga is the way of attaining enlightenment.It has recorded this method in the form of stone carvings to stand as a testimony of the origins of yoga in this sacred land of Tamilnadu. Thousands of sculptures on this coastal town, depicting various poses to attain enlightenment, beckons one to envisage the true history of yoga. Revered saints, Spiritual Leaders and Yogacharyas from various part of the globe are ensembling on the tranquil shores for eternal experiences.

Boarding and lodging are reserved for overseas and outstation participants.

Yoga world festival organizes Guinness world record event on charity basis to encourage and help to build up stronger yoga community across the globe for extending a hand to the under-served and underprivileged .

Day passes are provided to local and overseas participants who want to attend specific classes on day to day basis without food and accommodation.

Walk into the reception desk and show your online confirmation mail or your passport.

We invite well versed,senior and speciality presenters from different lineage of schools and our yogacharyas are best in the world. Who nurtures different cadres of people in the society like corporate , sports, medicine, Holistic healing, etc...

Yoga world festival is the first of its kind happening in South India which the richest unexplored yoga literatures and saints who have contributed for yoga and medicine. You will be seeing a new approach in your yogic practice and approach in your life by knowing the hidden secrets of diet and yogic culture.

Participants who wants to clear toxins and cleanse themselves completely through satkriyas and raw diet can enroll in this program paying little extra and confirming their spot before the festival.We have limited sports come first serve basis.

We encourage you to carry your own toiletries, towel, yoga mat, yoga wears and other things that you feel necessary.

The ATM's are available in 1 KM radius.

Yes. We welcome beginners and new comers to the yoga world festival. The core principle of this festival is to encourage them so most of the classes are taught to cater the new comers as well as advance student. The class descriptions and the level of classes will be mentioned in the schedule for each classes.

You can take as many classes you want including the evening events.

Dress as modestly as possible.

This is a yoga festival and we provide hygienic , Vegetarian Indian cuisine with a little continental touch to suit all the subcontinent participants. Please note that we need to serve more than 750 people so it's not possible to suite your meal at all times. It's always advisable to carry non­perishable options if you need. There are also markets in walkable distance where you can buy variety of food choices. Strictly no non­vegetarian inside the premises.

Yes. We do have highly qualified medical team available during our festival. You can also contact our help desk to assist to the nearest hospital or residential doctor. We advise you to carry your regular / prescription medicines that you take regularly, instead of trying them here.

South India is still filled with tradition and culture so it's always better to observe other participants and simply follow them or if you have doubt you can always contact our seva team for more. We encourage you to remove shoes before you enter the class room. Try to follow traditional way of greetings Vanakkam / Namaste, use right hand to give and receive things.

It's safe to avoid talking with the strangers or bringing them to your rooms for any reasons. Try to be little modest on your dressings especially going to the public beach or shopping outside. Ask for help from our seva people if you need anything please.

Yes we do have a limited space for the car park which need to be informed earlier to reserve your spots that will be first come first serve.