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yuva dayalan


Dr. Yuva Dayalan - M.sc Comp,M.sc Yoga, M.B.A, P.G Dip in Fitness Management, Sports & Exercise Nutrition(Hong Kong) N.I.S.. P. hd
is a Guinness world record holder & Internationally acclaimed yogacharya who Trains Yoga Teachers& celebrities across globle is a Media presenter, writer and actor of yoga Documentaries and martial arts shows in Television, who also touched heart of many people through his Training, write up’s, articles in daily news papers & Incorporating yoga in Education stream to enhance smart learning & better understanding.

The former International Badminton Player is the founder& organizer of Yoga world festival,Indochina International yoga festival, International Yoga Championships, Guinness World Records,Badminton Championship,Functional training workshops etc inspired lot of kids & common people to learn yoga and become teachers to spread this art. By teaching his innovating techniques ( Yuvaa yoga, Badminton Yoga, Kalari Yoga, Golf Yoga, Runners Yoga etc) he makes yoga more simpler to learn the basics to build their advance practice was applause and respected by various personalities in society.


About the Conference

who we are

It is the serene, yogic mind that throws open windows to the unbelievable, amazing inner powers you didn’t even know you had. We extend a very warm welcome to one and all to the Yoga World Festival, a unique program that lets you to take great control of your life. The intent of the Yoga World Festival is to let you relish the rich South Indian yogic methods of cultivating a guided, powerful and inspiring mind. This festival, the first of its kind to help one and all unleash their true inner super-being capabilities,emphasizes on the yogic methods once taught and practiced by unexplored, divine Saints with exponential contributions towards various yogic methodologies. The Yoga World Festival is an annual event organized every year, attracting practitioners and aspirers alike, across the globe. It is an ideal platform to set free their true innate supremacies, transcending all external religious, cultural trappings, to identify the true place of worship to be within you.

what we do

Assured beginnings to a tranquil, love-filled, beautiful and happy life!!!

Inspiring and motivating people towards cultivating a peaceful mind-body complex has always been the motto of our varied, dynamically talented yogic gurus, saints and Yogacharyas numbering over 40. A great many of them travel from across the globe just to be a part of this festival. With classes and training starting from 4:30 AM until the wee hours of 9:30 PM. Our revered saints& teachers possess varied core yogic competencies ranging from Satsang,Thirumular yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Pranayamam, Raja yoga, Bhakthi yoga, Kundalini yoga, Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Scomatics yoga, Vinayasa yoga, Power yoga, Sports yoga, Yuvaa Yoga, Manthra yoga, Rekhi , Pranic healing, Yin yoga and much more. More so, yogic practitioners and yoga aspirants from across the globe eagerly attend this prestigious event. We extend a very warm welcome to one and all, to deepen your knowledge and be enlightened with teachings and preachings of revered saints and yogacharayas . Further, multi national cultural programs with ancient Indian traditional music and Dance conducted every evening during the festival period with guinness world Record adds a colorful feather to the event cap.

why choose us

Let people across the globe realize their endless potential through yogic disciplines!!!

With a motto to spread awareness among people across the globe on the tremendous potential yoga can render unto them, the Yoga World Festival aims at facilitating our participants to experience and explore the rich South Indian Yogic culture. The program gives the ultimate bliss to all our participants, when they are trained in various yogasanas and yogic techniques.Come, and explore the tremendous powers of eight limbs of yoga by the Bay to breathe the yogic way and immerse in the world of blissful Yogasanas.

About Organizers

Yoga world festival is organized by Yuvaa Yoga Manthiram Trust which is a philanthropic organization, working towards building a stronger yoga community there by spreading peace and happiness across the globe. Trust is committed to build a platform for all yoga practitioners across the globe to gain and share their knowledge with experience to the society and strive to be the responsible yoga organization of the globe .It also conducts yoga world festival and International yoga championships to enable yoga community gain insights into various types of yoga. Our love and care towards the people is textured into our value systems. Our basic tenets formed out of these value systems guide us in extending a hand to the needy, under-served and underprivileged people