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Yoga world Festival Presender

Zhang Jiali

Explore the path of Taoist Philosophy & Martial arts with grand master Zhang Jiali (China)

Zhang Jiali(1969~), born in Dangshan, Anhui province, vice president of Chinese WushuInternational Development Center; vice president of WudangSongxi Shadowboxing Research Center; guest researcher of Chinese Wudang Shadowboxing Research Association; Vice president of Anhui Taoist Association; chief coach of WudangSongxi Shadowboxing Research center; Deputy Secretary-General of IWSD Association, chief Wushu coach of Zhejiang Taoist Association; World famous martial artist, International martial arts grading at 7th , top 100 of World Martial Arts.

Zhang learned andpracticed Shaolin boxing, Xingyi boxing, Bagua boxing and so on from Hu Jingzhang, the late president to Anhui Wushu Association and comprehended the essences completely, he was also the last disciple of Hu. Then, he followed the master of Xingyi boxing, Yan Xianjin ,practicingXingyi boxing. In 1989, he settled in the Taoist abbey of Wudang Mountain, during which he was taught directly from Master You Mingsheng, the 12th inheritor of SongxiSchool, became the 13th authentic successor of Songxischool. He is a famous Wudang Marital master, converging the marital skills of WudangSongxi, Xingyi ,Bagua, Taichi, Chinese medicine, standing at the center of Wudang Martial arts and has become a key representative figure of Wudang.

In 2007, he worked togetherwith German Television on Chinese WudangKungfu,participated in the programme of Challenge on WudangKungfu with HBTV (Hubei TV) and Holy Mountainwith Hollywood TV, USA, etc. His life stories have been reported many times by CCTV, HBTV, Shiyan TV, Wudang TV and Danjiangkou TV; he himself has repeatedly performed for national and provincial leaders and has been received by them. He has been invited abroad to give lectures, his pupils and disciples are among Germany, USA, Great Britain, France, Australia, Russia and many other countries over the world.