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Learn Holistic Himalayan Healing form Yogachary Sri Vivek B.Gaur (France)

Director of Pt. Dayaram Institute of Holistic Healings & Sciences, Bharat Heritage services, Objective is to spread Indian healthcare and heritage to the world.


2006 – 2015 ( Present) Director, Pt. DIHHS, Rishikesh

  •   Developed new System of Himalayan Healings.
  •   Reinvented Eight Scholars System of Vedas ( Ancient Indian Text )
  •   Applied “ Medicine free Treatment system” by clubbing of Various
  •   Administrating Institute Activity.
  •   Holistic healings together like Yoga, Ayurveda, Reiki, Acupressure etc
  •   Enhance Our Courses with latest developments in the industry.
  •   Developed Online Courses in Holistic Field.
  •   Marketing and promoting activities of Institute & Organisation.
  •   Dealing with National and International Clients.
  •   Teaching YOGA TTC 200/300 hour programs.
  •   Helping people to open their own Holistic / Yoga / Ayurveda Centres
  •   Travelling to Various parts in India and abroad as a wellness consultant & Yoga Teacher / Ayurveda Counsellor / Speaker / Healer and Trainer

2004 – 2006 Aham Brahamasmi Yog Mandir Trust

Rishikesh Healer and Senior Trainer

  •   Trained people across the globe for various styles of Yoga
  •   Ayurveda ,Reiki and Acupressure
  •   Developed many new short term courses for travellers / students
  •   Career oriented Course curriculum to increase the skills of Individuals.
  •   Heal people through words and touch.