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Yoga world Festival Presenter

Sri Raghunath Manet

Align your spine with Nada yoga through Sri Raghunath Manet ( France)

Sri Raghunath Manet is a great player and a wonderful veena of Bharata-Natyam dancer. He is an artist of great caliber, with extraordinary talents. He mastered all the intricacies that requires Indian art. Unquestionably, Raghunath Manet is the leader of the new generation.

Raghunath Manet is an Indian classical musician and dancer born in the French-speaking union territory of Puducherry. He is trained in Bharathanatyam and plays the Veena, a Carnatic instrument. He has collaborated with French performers such as Antoine Bourseiller and Michel Portal and is a recipient of the Chevalier award.



  •   In 2001, he creates and saves the show "Omkara" with violinist Didier Lockwood.
  •   In 2003, he created "Pondicherry" with Indra Rajan, last bayadère India to have actually performed the rituals in the temples. This show is currently touring the world.
  •   In 2004, Raghunath Mk2 fate in his "Karnatik" album with Dr. Balamurali Krishna, the great voice of India.
  •   In 2005, Raghunath created the "Bollywood Ballet" show at the Avignon Festival. he released a CD and DVD of the same show.
  •   In 2006, he presented a duet with Carolyn Carlson in the framework of Lille 3000 at the Coliseum in Roubaix.
  •   In 2007 he presents Britain creating "Tri mûrti" with the French genius Michel Portal. 2007: Tri Murti ou 7 Dances of Shiva, création with Michel Portal
  •   In 2008 he presented with Archie Shepp, "Jazz and Ragas' at the Auditorium de Lyon and the Palais des Congress Agde.
  •   2009: Raghunath Manet creates "Tanjore" at the Avignon Festival.
  •   In 2010, "Rinkara" at Palais des congrès de Lorient.
  •   In 2011, "Omkara II" at the Theatre Montparnasse Gaité for 70 days