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Yoga world Festival Presenter

Yoga Guru V. SatyaNarayan

Yogisha Mission Trust founded and developed by Sri. V.Satyanarayanan was a Biochemist by profession in India and Canada. His passion for yoga drove him into becoming what he is today. Having guided and assisted over 10,000 students over a span of 10 years with a wide repertoire in yoga styles coupled with an immense knowledge of the Bhakthi Yoga. Sri.Satyanarayan has been regarded as one of India’s finest yoga exponents. In recognition to his service, he was conferred the title Yoga Koustubha, Yoga Praveena, and Yoga Raja from well known saints. He has trained < 100 Corporates, Universites, Hospitals etc.

Program for Yoga World Festival

  •   Bhajan/Kirtan Yoga- Melodious chanting of God’s names with Tabla (a percussion instrument) and one of the ancient musical instrument called Harmonium. When chanted in chorus it is satsang/sankirtan. It reduces lightens and melts our intransigent mind and ushers us towards God- Bhakti Yoga. Improves immunity, Balances chakras, Strengthens heart, cures depression, increases Tejas, Improves vocal and respiratory tract, Ameliorates relationships, Reduces anger.
  •   Patanjali Yoga sutras- Most revered Sage Patanjali who formulated the popular 196 Yoga sutras which explains art of Yoga tradition and Self realization. It is a process of systematically encountering, examining, and transcending each of the various gross and subtle levels of false identity in the mind field, until the jewel of the true Self comes shining through. Chanting of all the 196 sutras with melodious musical background fills the listener with divinity and peace.
  •   Srimad Bhagavadgita- One cannot separate Gita of Lord Krishna from Yogis and Yoginis. Gita appears as a central teaching in Mahabharatha. It imparts the sadhak the way to conduct himself when life becomes unmanageable with pains and travails. It puts back one in the track without loosing goal like what happened to Arjuna 5000 years back during The Mother of all wars in India. A gist of 700 hymns/slokas will be explained in simple English to kindle the curiosity of the listeners. Sri Krishna explains Karma, Jnana, Bhakti, Sanyasa, Dhyana, etc to His sishya and friend Arjuna.