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Yoga world Festival Presenter


Present your papers with Dr.R.Elangovan ( H.O.D- TNPESU)

Yoga Bhismachariyar Dr.R.Elangovan has been an innovative and tireless Indian teacher for over 30 years; he is instrumental in introducing a number of yoga courses in Universities; he constructs and conducts a number of yoga programmes and modules; he is an inspiring and spiritual speaker. His sincerity, his generosity, his humility and his compassion draw around him many thousands looking for his guidance. He imparts wide variety meditation techniques with a practical approach to suit the modern way of life. He creates places where people could experience total-wellbeing with complete rest of body, mind and spirit notably.

Educational Qualifications

  •   M.Sc (Yoga)., M.A(Psychology)., M.A(History)., M.Ed., M.P.Ed., M.Phil.,
  •   Ph.D., DSYM., NSNIS(cert).,
  •   Having more than 32 years of teaching experience in schools, colleges and universities
  •   Having more than 24 years of administrative experiences alone;
  •   First Professor in the Dept of Yoga in the History of Tamil Nadu Government Universities.
  •   Served as the member of VC’s conveners’ committee and the Registrar in-charge, TNPESU once;
  •   Member Syndicate, Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University twice;
  •   Vice- President of National Association of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, India;
  •   Authored three books and a number of lesson materials for DDE- Yoga courses;
  •   Senior Social Scientist, approved by ICSSR.
  •   Produced 22 PhD, 70 M.Phil awardees & 124 PG holders.
  •   Visited Hong Kong and China for academic purposes
  •   Member - Academic Councils, Chairman and Member - Board of studies, Governing Body, Senate and Degree Awards Committee at various universities and colleges.
  •   Presented more than 135 papers in a number of National and International conferences.
  •   Published more than 235 articles in magazines and scientific journals.
  •   Acted as Inspection team member, National council for Teacher Education.
  •   Instrumental in reviving M.P.Ed course and establishing Research centre in Physical Education at Madurai Kamaraj University.
  •   Done more than 40 programmes in All India Radio and Television channels.
  •   Organized a number of International and National Conferences/seminars/Workshops.
  •   Won many international awards in Lions club international.
  •   Honored with “Uttarkalvi Jeeva Jothi” award, “Payanezhuthu Padaipali” award, “Kalvi Seva Ratna” award, “Yoga Chariya” award, “Yoga Nadhar” award, “Yoga Bhismachariyar” award, “Yoga Saviour” award and “Yoga Vidhya Bhoshan”.
  •   Instrumental in introducing a number of Yoga courses in Tamil Nadu Universities through Distance Mode and Constructs and Conducts modules &Yoga programmes.
  •   Given a number of times Invited lectures, Guest speeches, Special addresses etc.,