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Yoga world Festival Presenter

Kathy Zhou

Harmonise your practice with chen style champion Yogacharya Kathy Zhou through chanyuan Taichi yoga (China)

The founder of Chanyuan Taichi Yoga; the 13th generation inheritor of Chen style Taichi Quan; the champion of Chen Style Taichi Quan in the Woman Group in Hongkong international Taichi Quan competition. With theRYT 200, She has been teaching Yoga for 18 years, Since 2006, she keeps researching and developing the Taichi Yoga, till now she is the first master in China who mix the Taichi and Yoga together to be a completed teaching system successfully. In Chanyuan Taichi Yoga, we can see the value containedby the traditional culture clearly, the respect for the Taichi quan and Yoga Asana’s nature and soul is also shown. With these double cultural foundation, the Chanyuan Taichi Yoga teaching system has the structure of approach with theory; practice with knowledge; the improvement in both body and mind. Combines the teaching experiences in USA, Singapore, Canada, China mainland, Honghong and Taiwan, Kathy creates an unique teaching method. She also has been to Nepal for ZEN meditation for many times these years. She focus on the application of the traditional classic philosophy and the Human Anatomy to the Taichi Yoga, but also focus on the people’s psychological and spiritual education. Nowadays, the teachers and students after she trained spread all over the world.

Publications: (Comprehend Yoga, realize peace of mind)(Journey of Heart)

The course of Taichi Yoga:

  •   1st The harmony thought of Tao
  •   2nd The relaxtion way of Taichi
  •   3rd the neutrality thought of Tao