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Yoga world Festival Presenter

Dr Kannan Pugazhendi

Learn to use yoga as a medicine with Dr .Kannan Pugazhendi (Sports Medicine Specilist)

Dr Kannan Pugazhendi is one of the most prominent Sports and Fitness medicine consultant in India, with over 25 years of experience. He has vast Olympic and professional team expertise. Dr achieved his primary medical qualification in 1986 from Madras Medical College, he then completed a diploma in sports coaching from Madras University.

He continued his practice in India and went to Australia to pursue Masters Degree in Sports medicine. He is also an ACSM certified Fitness instructor (American College of Sports Medicine) certified Level 1 Instructor of Brazilian Jujitsu. He is well trained in the martial arts of Kalari Payattu & Silambam. He has been open to the idea of applying the indigenous forms of healing like Yoga, Varma, Chi kung, Acupuncture and Tai Chi to name a few.

He is well known in successfully treating many painful conditions conservatively and avoiding surgeries to a large extent. He has trained over 10,000 physical educational professionals, treated over 1,00,000 patients, some of his clients include Sports celebrities like Naren Karthick of Formula one racing fame, Baichung Bhutia, Former Captain of the Indian Football team,Robinson, Former Captain of the Indian Basketball team,Viswanathan Anand, World Chess Champion, etc. His work in Sports Medicine has been featured on NDTV, SUN TV, JAYATV and other media outlets. He has written numerous articles on shoulder, knee, and elbow problems and over all fitness. He has been featured in The Hindu, The Indian Express, India Today, Deccan Chronicle etc.He created the Sports Nutrition programme in the state of Tamilnadu and India.

He has been the Sports Physician for all most all the International Sports Teams of the country which is inclusive of:

  •   Indian Cricket Team
  •   Indian Hockey Team
  •   Indian Football Team
  •   Indian Squash Team
  •   Indian Rugby Team

The out-door training manual created in 1968 for the Tamil Nadu police has been redesigned by him including the latest training techniques for the improvement of the training program matching world standards.He has also worked with the Tamilnadu Police Commandos team with regards to Fitness training and Injury management. He assisted the Officers Training Academy in 2002-03 in indentifying the cause for the pelvic bone stress fracture of the women cadets, the suggestion of the fact that shoes could reduce the impact of the OCs was given by him, which was implemented the same year.

Professional Experience

International Events

Physician for

  •   International Athletic competitions, 1989
  •   International Triathlon competitions, 1990
  •   International Football Competitions (including WILLS Gold flake open) 1989
  •   The Indian Cricket Team, West Indies tour, 1989
  •   The Indian Korf Ball Team, World Cup -New Delhi, 1994
  •   Sports Primary Care team, SAF games - Chennai, 1985
  •   The Indian Soft Ball Team (junior), Asian Championship -Chennai, 1995
  •   The Indian Hockey Team, Atlanta Olympics, 1996
  •   The Rabitohs Rugby Team, Sydney, 1999
  •   The Indian Squash team, Asian Championship -Chennai, 2001
  •   The Indian Hockey team, World Cup, Kuala Lumpur, 2002
  •   Federation of International Volleyball Center, Level I & II Coaches program, 2002
  •   The Indian Rugby Team, Bangkok, 2004
  •   Indian Rugby Team -Under 19, Srilanka, 2004
  •   Head - Sports Medicine panel for the Indian Cricket League 2008

National /State Level Events

Physician for:

  •   TamilNadu Football Association
  •   National and State level Athletic competitions, since 1988
  •   National level Triathlon competitions, 1990 onwards
  •   Tamil Nadu Basketball Association (State and National competitions)
  •   Tamil Nadu Boxing Association (State and National competitions) 1986-2002
  •   The 12th National WUSHU Competition, Chennai 2003
  •   The Chennai Marathon, 2001-2003
  •   Coaches Training program,Level one, FIFA 2008 - 2009
  •   ICL team 2008 -2009


  •   Sri Rangachari Iyer prize for the Highest mark in PUC in Natural Science, Vivekananda College, Chennai
  •   Sri Rama Rao Gold Medal for the Best Outgoing Student of the Anatomy dept., (1982-83)