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Yoga world Festival Presender



  •   A Senior physician and diabetologist with more than thirty five years of experience in clinical practice.
  •   Tantra Yoga Maha Guru – teaching tantra yoga since 2001.
  •   Holistic healer.
  •   Writer and journalist.

Educational qualifications

M.B.B.S. M.D. – Stanley medical college, Chennai

F. C. D – Fellowship certification in diabetology – M. V. Diabetes center, Royapuram, Chennai.


  •   Tantra yoga from various masters, yogis and siddhars.
  •   Acupuncture – from Prof. Dr. Nanda kumar, Prof. Dr. Anton Jeyasuriya and Prof. Park Jae Woo.

Master level in

Touch healing, Aroma therapy, Chakra healing, Music therapy, Neuro Muscular Technique and various other Holistic healing methods.


  •   Written 66 books on various subjects like
  •   Tantra yoga, Mudras
  •   Astrology, Numerology
  •   Science, Diseases
  •   Thirumanthiram
  •   Trained more than 5000 people on tantra yoga and holistic healing.
  •   Director – J. B. Diabetes center
  •   Founder – Tantra Yoga Vidya Peedam
  •   Founder – Tantra Yoga Vidya Peedam- Holistic healing center