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Yoga world Festival Presenter

David Wei ( Wei Limin )

Learn connection with Taichi & Yoga with yogacharya David Wei (China)

David Wei – “Wei Limin” had poor health during childhood, thus began to learn Qigong, Yoga, Tai Chi and other holistic fitness regimens, being taught by masters of yoga, Buddhism and Taoism. David became a teacher of Yin Yang nadis yoga, bringing together the traditions of yoga with the traditions of China.

David is founder of the first Hatha Yoga center in Shanghai in 2000, and he has published the first Chinese Kundalini Yoga books: “7 Chakras Yoga”, “Yin Yang Nadis Yoga for Health”, and “Yoga Medical Class”. He hosts programs of yoga at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acts as a yoga health consultant for the university. He has been invited as a speaker by the 2009 India Tourism Year in China, a guest speaker at the 2010 Shanghai Expo India Pavilion Yoga Culture, and a teacher at the 2012-2013 Japan Yoga Festival.

David’s Class Introduction

Open Heart Chakra

Heart chakra is very important in the program of Chakras and Nadis, The heart chakra opens, it means true happiness and joy. By the breath as a start, Body Connection Mind , Energy balance, We can be innocence and happy like animal and child . use of Yin Yang, guided meditation, hatha yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong , from the Pranayamas, Mudras, Asanas, Interactive, Gradually experience happy Chakra Meditation.

Hand Guided Meditation

Gas as the core, hand guided. Hand guided systemic action, Action guided breathing, Breathing guided inside the gas, Using the Taoist Yin Yang, Buddhist yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong , and China massage, to guided students into inner relax, Meditation realm.