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Explore the innovative yoga with Yogaraj CP Guinness world record holder (Hong Kong)

Yogaraj CP was initiated into Yoga at the age of 5 by his father, S. Chidhambaram, who learnt Yoga from the masters in Himalayan. He later learnt Yoga from Acharya A.

Yesudas Antony, who has studied Yoga in the world renowned International Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, India.

Yogaraj has participated and won many Yoga Competitions since 1988. In 1991, he won the championship award at the State Yoga Competition, in Tamilnadu, India and was awarded the title Yogaraj meaning King of Yoga. In 1997, he was awarded The International Best Yoga Demonstrator by the Government of Pondicherry. He has received awards from the Chief Ministers of three Indian States Karnataka, West Bengal and Pondicherry.

He started teaching Yoga at the age of 17. To enhance his potential as a Yoga Teacher he completed a Diploma in Naturopathy and Yogic Science at Yoga and Natural Living Development Trust, Chennai, India. He also completed a teacher training course at Divine Life Society (Sivananda) in Chennai and received the title Yoga Ratna, meaning Jewel of Yoga.

Yogaraj came to Hong Kong in 2003. He attempted Guinness feat in September 2004 by staying in headstand posture for 2 hours and 40 minutes, which was appreciated by South China Morning Post and the Phoenix News Channel. While he worked in China, he did Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rhythmic Yoga television programs for Star Media Group which was telecast by Shenzhen TV Channel 5.

In 2006, while working for Pure International (HK) Ltd, his creativity was highly appreciated and he was the only Yoga Instructor who received Creative and Innovation Award for the year. In 2009, he achieved the Guinness World Record for Longest Yoga Marathon that lasted 28 hours in which he performed 1,019 different Yoga postures. In 2011 that he made the new Guinness World Record for the most consecutive yoga positions (23) on a moving motorcycle in Mumbai, India. In 2015 he created a new Guinness World Record by continuously performing more than 1,500 yoga postures for 40 hours and 15 minutes.

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He is the teacher of teachers. Many of his students are now working as yoga teachers in Hong Kong and other Asian Countries. He had taught Yoga in Anna University, Chennai, India. He was the Guest lecturer in Pondicherry University, India, Chief Teacher of Pure Yoga Taipei, and he had worked at many famous yoga studios in Hong Kong.

He is currently Guest Yoga Teacher in City University of Hong Kong, also the founder of Divine Life Yoga Limited and the director of Prana Yogam. (A yoga studio established by Yogaraj, himself that was opened on Jan 19, 2012. The business is already well-run for 4 years. The studio, located on Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, is around 1,800 sq. ft., including 3 classrooms with Ayurveda massage and shower facilities. The rationale of Prana Yogam is to help yoga practitioners to achieve the wellness of body, mind and soul, and facilitate their journey on their personal transformation).