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Yoga world Festival Presenter

Adelfa Marie Samson

Yoga Practitioner since 1995, Teacher since 2003; Adelfa’s teacher training began in San Francisco, California and spent the past 16 years of her yoga life in India learning from several Yoga Masters in disciplines like Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, Ayurveda, Therapy and other body healing modalities. She speaks and conducts discourses at International Yoga Festivals in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu and Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. Adelfa’s teaching philosophy guides the student based on encouragement, support, compassion patience and inspiration to bring the yoga aspirant to reach full potential in a loving and safe environment.

Adelfa is currently authoring a book titled “Yoga for Daily Living”, To balance body, mind and spirit for health, happiness and peace. The book is slated for completion and publication in the fall of 2018.

About the Book:

  •   This book has seven modules:
    1) Yoga overview, definition, philosophy, history, evolution, benefits and limitations of yoga, practice preparation and shloks,
    2) Asanas (postures) illustrations with English and Sanskrit names,
    3) Pranayam Physiology, Mudras and Bandhas,
    4) Meditation Overview and Guide for Implementation,
    5) Ayurveda, Diet and Nutrition (complete with food charts),
    6) Kundalini and Chakras and
    7) How to Create your Own Practice (with charts for physical and therapeutic benefits and limitations.
  •   New website (under construction) www.trinityofyoga.com