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Learn the Psycho-somatic Disorders with Dr.A.M.Moorthy ( Vice-chancellor TNPESU)

Academic Contributions to Yoga

  •   Started Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga ( Regular/Parttime) at Alagappa University, Karaikudi.
  •   Founder, Koviloor Andavar Institute of Yoga and Research Centre, Koviloor.
  •   Started Certificate, Diploma, PG Diploma, M.Sc. and PhD Course in Yoga at Koviloor Andavar Institute of Yoga and Research Centre, Koviloor recognized by Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University, Koviloor.
  •   Establised Yoga Therapy clinic for the general public.
  •   Organised Yoga Camps for short term and long term all over India.
  •   Chief Patron for International Yoga Day Celebration at Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University, Chennai.

Details of Major Research Projects in Yoga:

  •   Treatment and Rehabilitation of Asthmatics by Yogic Methods.
  •   Treatment and Rehabilitation of Diabetics by Yogic Methods.
  •   Treatment and Rehabilitation of Psycho-somatic disorder by Yogic Methods.
  •   Effects of Different types of relaxation of Stress Managment
  •   Psychological and Biochemical responses to the practice of Hatha Yoga.
  •   Yogic Practices in the Management of Hypertension.
  •   Yoga Mckenzie method and general exercise for the treatment of Chronic Non-specific back pain – A randomized clinical trail with 2 years followup – Prof.A.M.Moorthy ( India), Prof.Avideman (Finland), Prof.R.A.Mckenzia (Newzealand) and Prof.M.C.Battle (USA)

Books published in Yoga

  •   Yoga and Relaxation.
  •   Anatomy, Physical Health Education and Yogic Practices.

Research Articles Published and Presented

  •   Cholesterol level and Yogic training Programme published in Journal of research in Indian Medicine, Yoga and Homeopathy, Vol.13:4/1978.
  •   Effect of Yogic Practices on Rheumatic Disorders – 9 th National Seminar on Rheumatic Disorder,1978 and published in Rheumatic Diseases Journal.
  •   Massage and Yoga is vital for the Physical Fitness – II Maharashtra Sports Medicine Conference and published in Maharashtra Sports Medicine Journal.
  •   Highlights of Yogic Therapy published in Yoga, Yogasana, Shri Krishnan Bhavan Charutavake trust, Allahabad.
  •   Effect of Short Term Training on Serum Cholesterol Level published in Yoga Mimasa.
  •   Yogic and Physical exercise for Arthritis published in Sports Medicine Journals, Vol.II 3rd July 1980.
  •   The importance of Yoga in the programme of physical education for the development of Endurance and ability – Seminar on Physical Education and Sports and published in University bulletin, Marathvada University.
  •   Collected talks on practice Teaching in Yogic Practices published in Vyanam Vindan.
  •   Influence of selected Yogic Exercise on Minimum Muscular Fitness of the Elementary School Children published in NSNIS journal, Patiala, July 1982.
  •   Influence of Selected Yogic Exercise on Indian School Children, Published in NSNIS journals, Patiala, July 1982.
  •   Effect of selected Yogic Asana and Physical Exercise on Flexibility Yogic Review, Vol.II.No.3, 1982m BHU, Varanasi.
  •   Detraining Effect of Yogic and Non-Yogic Exercises on Muscular Fitness Yoga Mimamsa.
  •   Effect of Yogic Practices on Diabetic patients, presented at the world Conference and published in Dec.1984.
  •   Effect of Selected Physical Exercises and Yogic Practices on Blood Sugar Level of the Diabetic Patients, presented at XII Annual Conference of Indian Association of Sports Medicine held during Dec.21 to 22, 1985, at Patna India.
  •   The role of Yoga in Sports Medicine, Presented at XIV Annual Conference of Indian Association of Sports Medicine at New Delhi, held during Dec,20-21, 1986.
  •   Physical Fitness and Yoga, presented in Asian Conference on Sports Medicine at Calcutta held during Nov.16-19, 1987
  •   The Role of Yoga on Sports Injury Management, presented in National Seminar on Injury Management held at Alagappa University, Karaikudi on 4th March, 1988.
  •   Yoga and Fitness presented in the Second Seminar on Science of Human Development at Central Electro Chemical Research Institute, held on 30th Sep,1988.
  •   The Role of Yoga in Preparing the Body and Mind, presented in the National Symposium on Training Technologies for Sports held during Nov.12-13,1988 at Madras, Organized by MRF tyres.
  •   The role of Yoga in preparing the Body and Mind, presented in the 5th National Conference on Physical Education and Sports Sciences on12-13 November, 1988.
  •   Effect of Yogic Relaxation on the Performance of Sports in Men and Women – UGC National Seminar on Physical Education and Sports at Kurushetra University, Delhi.
  •   Yoga and Sports – First International and Sixty national Conference on Sports Psychology.
  •   Effect of Yoga Practice on Low Back Pain – National Conference at Trichur.
  •   Rehabilitation through Movement, Yogic Asanas and Exercise in Neuromuscular diseases- National conference on Fitness and Performance at Alagappa University.
  •   The Effect of Physical Exercises and Yogic Exercises on Serum Cholesterol level – Absentia at FISU University Conference in Fukuouka, Japan.
  •   Role of Yoga on Health Care – Traditional Sciences and Technologies of India at Anna University, Chennai.
  •   Role of Yoga for the treatment of Cardiac ailments – International Instructional Conference on “Frontier in Biomechanics”.
  •   Influence of Physical and Yogic Exercises on Low back pain – National Conference at Trivandru, Kerala.
  •   Physical Exercise, Yogic Practices, Fitness and Back pain – National Seminar on Millennium Management Trends in Physical Education at Kerala.
  •   Treatment and Rehabilitation of Asthmatics by Yogic Methods – national seminar on Applied Yoga at Bharathidasan University, Trichy.
  •   Yogic Management of Sports Injuries – International Conference on Sports Management at M.S. University, Tirunelveli.
  •   Research Paper on Stress Management through Yoga – International Conference held at Bhopal and Chaired a scientific session.

Yoga Courses Completed

  •   Completed M.Sc.Yoga in the year 2010 from Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University, Chennai.
  •   Completed Diploma in Yoga Education in the year 1982 G.S.College of Yoga, Lonavala, Maharashtra.